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Maunik Bhavsar

Maunik Bhavsar, Physiotherapist

Maunik Bhavsar, Physiotherapist


Maunik Bhavsar completed his Bachelors of Physiotherapy Degree in 2013 while in India. Also, while training to become a physiotherapist he accomplished extensive yoga training and fitness management. After practicing physiotherapy for a year and a half in India, Maunik decided to move to Canada to further his career.

Maunik received his certification to be a Physiotherapist in Canada, passed all his exams and got his licence, and has been working in the Edmonton Area as a Physiotherapist since early 2018. Maunik also completed his Health and Fitness Management course from the Humber College of Toronto.

Maunik has a strong interest in orthopedics and enjoys going hiking, playing table tennis, and cricket. His passion for all aspects of health and fitness makes him a powerful advocate for the well-being of his patients.

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