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Meet Genevieve Chartrand

Genevieve Chartrand, Century Park Pain and Health Clinic RNFascial Stretch Therapist level 2, Registered Nurse, Pilates Instructor

I lived in chronic debilitating pain for years. I had a 30 foot fall in 2001 and was given a late adult diagnosis of hip dysplasia at the age of 33. I was barely able to walk before I discovered FST. I wasn’t going to try it because I was literally tired of trying therapy after therapy. Chiropractic and massage treatments always helped me, but after 5 FST sessions, I was not only walking pain free but I was able to return to weightlifting and climbing mountains.

I have never discovered results like those which FST can provide and because of this I am very passionate about helping others to live pain free, achieve maximum mobility, lift heavier and simply enhance life in general. After all, it is fascia that literally connects our bodies from our forehead to our toes as the most prominent connective tissue in our body. When we treat our fascia we get to the root of many issues and I have seen many patients healed through FST.

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Genevieve Chartrand, RN | (780) 628-7219